Learning Management System

Learning Management System

LEARNNET is a learning management system (LMS) based on open source Moodle and envisioned supported by COGNINET in support offor vocational education for training and delivery. It is distributed as Software as a Service (SaaS), tested and well packaged with full all the features, which empowersit enables collaborative learning between the trainer and students and helps RTOs to be a fully compliant RTO.

Features of LEARNNET

LEARNNET focuses on the features which empower the learning with collaboration tools between a trainer and learner based on Moodle Version 2.5.

Training Program / Qualification Management Features

  • Allows you to create a course, training program or qualification with different delivery modes (instructor-led, self-paced, blended or online)
  • Extensive range of collaboration tools and features (assignments, chat, database, forum, lesson, quiz, SCORM, survey, wiki, workshop, choice, glossary)
  • Integration of multimedia resources to enhance learning (audio, video content along with video chat)
  • Facilities for digital assignments, grading, and control and moderation of assessments.
  • Qualification completion letter
  • Reporting and analytics on course participation and course completion progress indicators.
  • Tracking and monitoring of online learning activities along with attendance.
  • Online exams, MCQ and quizzes

Administration Features

  • Allows students to enrol in a single or number of courses/training programs.
  • Provides role based (student, trainer, manager, admin) secure authentication to the learning management system.
  • User access/permission control to resources, courses and activities-
  • Reporting features on-site administration.
  • Extensive library of add-ons to add extra functionality to LMS.
  • Allows scheduling and calendar functions.

Communication Features

  • Facilities for Wikis, Blog, Forum, internet Room.
  • Conferencing (voice, video) with Classroom Over the Internet.
  • Internal Messaging and Live Chat available to all users.
  • Site level, class-based, group based notification system and messaging system.