ICT & Software Solutions

ICT & Software Solutions

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources constitute a critical component of the teaching, learning and administrative function for educational organisations. We can provide support to your organisation by implementing stable, flexible and cost effective ICT infrastructure to manage future growth and changes that reduce overall operational costs.

Building applications for the education sector require a deep knowledge of what RTO and Higher Education Providers really need to maintain and grow their business. This is one of our strength. Generally, customers do not know about the capabilities that software can bring for them and many times only look for fulfilling their specific needs. However, when the requirements change, technology change, the business grow, or other opportunities emerge, the software become obsolete. Our compromise is to provide solutions not only for the current needs but also for the changing future. Our solutions are thought to satisfy the most important edges of the software, which include extensibility, usability, portability, and performance.

What about the support? Software should not be sold as a magic thing that works for itself. Users need to understand how to get the full benefits of its purchase. The training we provide makes it possible. If adjustments are required, then those must be provided. The software should fit the user needs, instead of users fit in the software. We advise our customers in the requirements definition, so they can make a better software selection even with others providers. To avoid issues related to software, preventive activities must be taken, such as create a backup, but our clients do not need to worry about that since we facilitate preventive and corrective activities to keep the business running.